Teamdeck is made for teams thatship great products

Running a startup is very much about juggling priorities and maximizing productivity.
The all-hands-on-deck atmosphere is thrilling but, as your team grows, you can easily lose track of the big picture. Teamdeck allows you to get a high-level view of your team’s work to stay focused on the most important thing: building an awesome product.


Assign and reassign bookings to match your startup’s priorities.


See who has time to spare and who’s overworked. Use teamdeck to maintain a healthy workload.


Track employee vacation and personal time off. For part-time workers and freelancers, you can monitor their hourly availability.

the performance

Time tracking makes it easy for you to pin down the problematic spots. Which areas of your project are dragging and which ones were estimated perfectly? Forecast your recruitment needs.


Teamdeck can (and should) be used by everyone on your team. Regular team members can see their work assignments, request time off or manage their daily availability.

Teamdeck grows
with you

We offer a free plan for early stage startups (up to 6 people). Once your team grows you can seamlessly upgrade to the full-feature Business Plan.

Resources for product teams

Thoughts on resource management, team happiness and productivity.

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