UNIT9 is a production studio from London, founded in 1997

Scope of projects: Film, Gaming, Digital, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Achievements: Production Company of the Year (by AdAge, 2019); Tech Company of the Year (by Campaign, 2020); Tech Company of the Year (by Campaign, 2021).

Clients: Ford, Pepsi, Netflix, Riot Games, Ikea, Bentley, Taco Bell, Virgin Media, Tik Tok, Lay’s



  • Integrations: Sage/CakeHR
  • A number of departments in the company: More than 10. 
  • A number of employees in the company: Up to ~100 of permanent positions + ~50 freelancers.

Without thinking about a particular brand, what were the reasons for your interest in a resource management tool? 

“Running multiple projects collaterally requires a clear picture of available and busy resources. That allows us to allocate them dynamically and be leaner for our clients. An important need was reporting capability.”

What expectations did you have for resource management tools? 

“The main expectation was to have a stable tool with an intuitive interface and API exposed to work on custom integrations. On the last point, Teamdeck is sufficient, on the former two, there’s still area for improvement.”

How long have you been using Teamdeck?

“For over 2 years.”

Which Teamdeck’s functionalities are most helpful currently or most often used during your project management processes? 

“We found reports easy to configure and it is useful to configure custom calculation fields. Also, with available API it’s easy to scrape data and process it in a convenient way.”

Please indicate tools that you integrated with Teamdeck (e.g. Slack, HR apps) or names of tool categories (e.g. chat tool, project management tool), or indicate the number of these tools.

“We are using the existing integrations with Sage/CakeHR. We wrote our own integration with Google Apps Scripts.”

How many people in your company use Teamdeck; what departments and for what tasks; which functionalities does your company use most often?

“TD is used for time logging by almost all employees. The production department (~30 people) uses it for booking management. The operation department (~5 people) uses it for accountancy.”

How did Teamdeck help you, what benefits did it provide you; what do you value the most in it?

“TD helps with filtering employee profiles by features important for a role.”

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