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Key features of Teamdeck – the resource planning software

  • Resource scheduling

  • Time tracking

  • Availability management

  • Leave management

  • Custom

Clients from technological and creative industries

Our resource planning software is used by teams from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle and the Far East, and Africa. Companies up to 1000 employees.

  • Unit9 use Teamdeck enterprise resource management software.
  • Tioto Every's project managers use Teamdeck and time tracking feature.
  • Hill-Knowlton represent creative agencies that has chosen Teamdeck for task management.
  • Tintash got Teamdeck as their main project management solution.
  • Wunderman were looking for the best resource planning software.
  • Stormind Games chose Teamdeck as their project management software.
  • BAMM with Teamdeck for resource planning software
  • Widely known creative company also brought Teamdeck time tracking and resource scheduling
  • Uptech project managers have selected Teamdeck as resource management software
  • The big IT company that uses Teamdeck to resource forecasting
  • Gini Apps bought efficient resource capacity app
  • Inspired Testing checked Teamdeck among others resource management software options

Make project resource management and optimization with ease using API and integrations

Integrate Teamdeck with anything that’s needed for the teams’ workload management. Anything, including Asana or Sage HR. Develop workflows thanks to Teamdeck’s API or use built-in integrations.

  • Integration Podio with Teamdeck - the resource allocation  software

    Integrate projects and team members between Podio & Teamdeck.

  • Create time entries based on your Google Calendar Events automatically.

  • Teamdeck capacity planning data in the Slack app

    Make Teamdeck data available on Slack channels. Read More.

  • Team's availability and capacity management is easy with Sage HR integration

    Synchronize people between Sage HR and Teamdeck.

  • Integrate the resource management software with any other tools using Zapier

    Integrate all kinds of software using Teamdeck Zapier App.

Adapt effortlessly to dynamic workloads and team structures with our adaptive resource planning

  • Easy resource planning with flexible team calendar

    Resource calendars and reports give you the much-needed visibility into your team’s current, past, and future workload. All of your employees are listed there, together with their allocated projects.

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  • Plan and measure your team’s work

    Know who is available for work. Use timesheets to track the time on projects. Manage full-time employees, virtual teams, and freelancers. Measure and report.

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  • Simplify the resource management process

    Mobile appWeb APISlack AppZapier and other integrations

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Explore case studies and testimonials of our clients

See how technology-based companies and creative agencies benefit from Teamdeck SaaS resource management software.

Science Crunchers – An Advertising Agency [Interview]

Science Crunchers is an advertising agency from Portugal, founded in 2017.”We produce visual and written contents to communicate science in a clear and concise way. Our communication team also designs and creates marketing materials, from websites to infographics, brochures, and animated videos.”

How To Plan And Analyze Your Working Time With – The Resource Planner

Bookings in general are great for predicting and letting people know what lies ahead for them. Seeing all of the commitments in the Calendar view can shorten the communication loops and be an effective way of planning ahead. Still, there might be cases where there is more information you want to include that a simple project name can handle.

What users and project team managers say about Teamdeck and its resource planning features?

It’s a game-changing tool, we no longer have to integrate multiple apps for resource management.

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Valentina Culatti is Creative Director at Unit9 - the gaming studio that uses Teamdeck as resource management software

Valentina Culatti


I’ve been using Teamdeck at DevsData for about 6 months now. It’s been extremely helpful and made the work of the entire team much faster and easier. What I really appreciate is that the API documentation was so well written that we had no problems implementing Teamdeck into our existing systems. It has finally allowed our project managers to really keep track of things. I also very much like the calendar feature as I can see there everyone’s allocations, leaves (sick/casual/annual), availability, and time spent in a very intuitive way. In general, it’s a perfect tool for people management.

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Tom Potanski is Director at DevsTata. They use Teamdeck for resource scheduling

Tom Potanski

EVP, DevsData LLC

We are a services oriented company, but also work on Products whenever we can.
It was problematic for us to understand how our team is allocated in terms of which project, for how long etc.

Teamdeck provided us with an intuitive way to allocate our team members on client projects, our own products and OKRs. Not just that, it actually helps us with our leave management and tracking to some extent now!

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Azhar Yousuf is Technical Manager at Tintash chose our app for project planning

Azhar Yousuf

Technical Program Manager

I spent ages looking for a simple, elegant solution to my resource management problem. Teamdeck ticks all the boxes and is clearly best-of-breed (plus, their support is amazing!)

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Cord Schneider like Teamdeck as a project and resource management solution

Cord Schneider

Servelec Corelogic

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