Teamdeck + Slack
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  • 2 min setup

Get notified about schedule changes

Stay on top of schedule changes and get notifications when bookings are updated in Teamdeck.

Find available resources without leaving Slack

Discussing a new project? Keep the conversation going, you can check who’s available without having to enter Teamdeck calendar.

🌴 Vacationing – quick and easy requests

Leave management on Slack! Get notifications about pending vacation requests, vacation summary, and request your own time off.

Forgetting about timesheets? 🤭

Get daily reminders about unfilled timesheets. Add time entries to your Teamdeck calendar straight from Slack.

How to set up Teamdeck for Slack integration:

1. Go to to log in to your account

2. Choose organization you want to integrate with Slack (requires Owner privileges)

3. Go to Settings page and then click on the Integrations tab of the chosen organization

4. Click Slack Start Integration button

5. After successful authorization process configure integration using available settings on Slack Integration Manage page

You can find detailed tutorial on how to connect your Slack Workspace with a Teamdeck organization in our toolbox article.

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