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See how Teamdeck is helping software houses and digital agencies with resource management


We worked with spreadsheets and ended up with project clashes and unnecessary stress!

Teamdeck has completely transformed the way we schedule work. We now have a clear view of all projects and our capacity for new work.

Sam Menter, Co-Founder at Mace&Menter

Ameeba Shapes

There are lots of products in the market with these features but they are too complicated with 1000 features and the cost just didn’t suited our tiny company.

It’s simple, clean, easy to use and has a fair price. It’s not overloaded with features that nobody cares about. It’s a product focused on specific needs.

Gabriela, Founder at Ameeba Shapes

Sybrin Systems

It was difficult to track resource availability in our BU, mainly resorting to using excel spreadsheets.

By using Teamdeck we now not only know resource availability we can track team utilization and billable vs non billable hours.

Gerhard Fourie, Manager


We are a services oriented company, but also work on Products whenever we can.
It was problematic for us to understand how our team is allocated in terms of which project, for how long etc.

Teamdeck provided us an intuitive way to allocate our team members on client projects, our own products and OKRs. Not just that, it actually helps us with our leave management and tracking to some extent now!

Azhar Yousuf, Technical Program Manager

Mirion Technologies

The customization complexity level is perfect for us. We have tools that already track time spent so a simple user is exactly what I need for projecting booking levels.

Dave Sullivan, Manager

Coletiv Studio

Managing employee vacation and project allocations was always a problem.
Teamdeck allowed us to properly track everyone’s vacations and allocations.

Tiago Duarte, CEO

Another Circus

One thing we loved in Teamdeck was the ease of adding and managing Bookings throught the friendly interface. This alone helps us go through the tedious tasks of logging bookings and timesheets.

Timos, Co-Founder at Another Circus

Bits Kingdom

Since we started using teamdeck, our company can have better understand of our resources allocation. Also, the app looks great and is easy to understand ?

Fabian Aramendi, Co-Founder at Bits Kingdom