Teamdeck is made for teams thatpush the envelope of creativity

As an agency you’re required to deliver multiple projects within tight deadlines.
Assigning the right people to the right projects can be challenging.
Teamdeck allows you to stay on top of your production pipeline.

The work

Teamdeck allows you to find people who are best skilled to tackle an upcoming project and assign bookings to them.

billable time

Whether you work on a time and materials basis or ser a fixed price for your agency’s services, you need to keep track of the amount of hours your employees spend working.

the workload

It’s no secret that #agencylife often translates to working long hours. Having a bird’s-eye view on your employees’ bookings allows you to balance the workload and spot the underutilized talents.

Manage holidays and vacations

Teamdeck covers the leave management processes, saving you some communication clutter. Monitor planned vacations in the schedule view and accept your employees time off requests with a single click.

Measure your team’s performance

Use reports to learn from historical data. Compare estimated and actual time spent on projects to better optimize future budgets.

future projects

Visibility into your production pipeline makes it easier to estimate future availability of your key employees. Use this knowledge to plan your upcoming projects.

I tried a lot of different time tracking software but I embraced Teamdeck because of it’s flexibility. (...) is a digital ad agency with clients across the U.S. Teamdeck has been a lifesaver in properly tracking billable hours.

With I can’t imagine having our team work on this project without Teamdeck. It has been essential in us really being able to account for the hours of the day and reflects in our revenue growth.

Kirk Deis

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