Teamdeck is made for teams thatmake companies operate smoothly

Whether you’re keeping the books for an agency or running the whole business operations team, you need to stay on top of everything that can cost you (or save you) same money.
Teamdeck helps you to keep track of the project flow and measure people’s performance. This way you can optimize your present spendings and better plan future budgets.

See the progress
of your projects

Generate project reports based on estimated hours and actual timesheets. Are people tracking more time than expected? Your project may very well go over budget.

Make better business decisions

Draw insights on historical data to create budgets that take into account your team’s actual performance.

the workload

You can instantly see how many hours your employees have worked for in a given period. Overtime can be calculated separately, so that you’re able to compensate your team accordingly.

Plan future projects with confidence

Teamdeck’s resource calendar makes you see which people are available to take on the future projects. Align your budget and timeline to make a bulletproof plan.

Resources for finance & operations teams
Thoughts on resource management, team happiness and productivity.

tracking project profitability
teamdeck, Toolbox

Track Project Profitability with Teamdeck

Keeping track of projects’ profitability is essential for agencies, software companies, or consultancies of any kind. When you work with multiple clients on delivering multiple projects, you simply have to make sure that your efforts generate profits. ...


Benefits of Time Tracking for Agencies

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