Science Crunchers is an advertising agency from Portugal, founded in 2017. 

Specialization: science writing, statistics, data analysis, translation, scientific marketing, and content development. Among their clients, you will find CERN, Royal Canin, Intellync.

Scope of projects:

“We produce visual and written contents to communicate science in a clear and concise way. Our communication team also designs and creates marketing materials, from websites to infographics, brochures, and animated videos.”


  • Teamdeck competed with: Monday, Asana, Clockit
  • Teamdeck replaced: Microsoft Teams Planner, Excel
  • Top challenges: Previously used tools were not connected and did not allow for an easy and automated process for all team members to work on simultaneously.
  • Using Teamdeck: since October 2020.
  • Implementation’s time: around 7 days.

Without thinking about a particular brand, what were the reasons for your interest in a resource management tool? What expectations did you have for resource management tools? 

“We were looking for a tool with an easy process to log hours in different projects by multiple team members, and to track the performance of each project. It had to have an easy process to plan the work and allocation of projects to different team members. And last but not least – we were looking for automatic but custom-made reports.”

How were projects and activities of employees in the company planned and managed before choosing Teamdeck? What tools have been used for these purposes? How many tools have you been using before choosing Teamdeck?

“From the beginning of the establishment of our company we used two applications for task management and resource scheduling –  Microsoft Teams and Excel Spreadsheets.”

What did you not like in the previously used software or tools? 

“The main disadvantage was that the two tools were not connected and did not allow for an easy and automated process for all team members to work on simultaneously – planning, tracking, reporting. “

Before Teamdeck was chosen, what other tools were considered in the search for a resource management tool, and what were the reasons they weren’t chosen?

“From the starting point we were focused on a few resource planning tools like Monday, Asana, Clockit, and Teamdeck. We decided not to choose them because they were very costly (per person cost very high) and we were not going to take full advantage of all features we were paying for. Teamdeck accurately meets our needs and we take almost full advantage of its potential.”

Why Teamdeck? 

“The major factor was that we needed expected functionalities in the one app but also with very reasonable financial costs. The most often used functionalities in our projects are tracker, planner, custom-made reports, and even scheduling time-off such as vacations.”

Which Teamdeck’s functionalities are currently most helpful or most often used during your project management processes? (it can be something small, but helpful)

“12 people use Teamdeck right now in our agency. 10 for tracking hours and for planning tasks and projects. 2 persons also use it to manage projects’ performance. So, we really like Teamdeck because it integrates what the management is planning for everyone, and what everyone is logging for the management to have an accurate but robust view of all ongoing projects.”

How did Teamdeck help you, what benefits did it provide you; what do you value the most in it?

“Teamdeck staff has always been super helpful. By showing a demo before we purchased, by helping clarify all questions, by helping to customize reports. Great customer support!”

You know what to do – the resource scheduling + time tracking + leave management + custom reports in 1 resource management software

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