One plan, all features, fixed price:
$3.99 / Team Member / month

I have 1 team members on boardHow many people do you have on board?
team members
Full access to the app, recommended for managers and employees - 3.99$
...and 0 basic resourcesYou can also add
basic resources
No access to the app, listed on resource calendars & timesheets - $1
My plan: Startup plan for $0.00/mo
free up to 6 team members

Our pricing is really straightforward

You only pay for people who are using Teamdeck right now.

You can add more users to the plan as your team grows.

Regardless of the number of seats you’re paying for, you’ll have access to all of the features.

It’s a complete resource management tool, after all.



  • bookings
  • timesheets
  • monitoring utilization
  • hourly availability
  • repeating availability
  • project view
  • resource view
  • adding vacations
  • bank holidays
  • time off
  • custom fields
  • timesheet tags
  • booking tags
  • billable time measuring
  • filtering
  • customized calendar view
  • bookings descriptions


  • team utilization report
  • time off report
  • payroll from timesheets
  • KPIs
  • monthly report
  • organization report
  • project budget report
  • custom formulas
  • custom values
  • rate per project
  • rate per resource
  • custom reports
  • report sharing
  • public link share


  • unlimited projects
  • unlimited resources
  • resources import
  • projects import
  • project color picker
  • custom vacation reasons
  • custom vacation periods
  • bank holidays import
  • Podio integration
  • public API key
  • notifications
  • time zones
  • users permissions
  • basic resources

Mobile App

  • time tracker
  • booking overview

Join more than 3500 happy customers using teamdeck everyday.

It’s a game-changing tool, we no longer have to integrate multiple apps for resource management.

Valentina CulattiManaging Director at UNIT9With Teamdeck since 2016 💚

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Teamdeck for free?

Of course! In our Business plan you get started with a 7-day free trial to try out all of the features with your team. When you’re sure Teamdeck is the right tool for your team you can enter your billing details and continue using the app.

What is a team member?

A team member is everyone within your company who has access to teamdeck. Depending on the role, they can either manage the team (roles: owner or manager) or use the employee-dedicated features (role: regular). We recommend to set up accounts for everyone in your team.

What is a basic resource?

It’s a person listed on your resource calendar and timesheet. A basic resources can be managed by the admins but has no access to the app. We recommend using it for freelancers or temporary collaborators that don’t need an access to Teamdeck but have to be accounted for in the schedule/timesheet. A basic resource can be upgraded to team member anytime.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

You can start out on a free Startup Plan and later upgrade to Business Plan when you need more people on board. A 7-day Free Trial allows you to try out the Business Plan right away. Downgrade to Startup Plan is possible anytime.

Is my data safe and secure?

We’re very serious about the security of your data. We’ve covered multiple aspects of security from secure connection, through advanced infrastructure layers, to real-time monitoring and escalation protocol.

Can I add/remove team members and basic resources?

Absolutely – it’s easy to add or remove team members and basic resources from within your account.