Teamdeck is made for teams thatturn code into stunning software

Software development can take a lot of multi-level management. You need to maintain excellent communication with the client, keep your team productive and motivated, and ship projects on time and of good quality. Teamdeck helps you with resource management and measuring the effectiveness of your team.

Book people working on given projects

Booking people on different projects is now very easy. If there is any event conflicting with your booking, teamdeck will notify you right away.

Manage in-house teams,
part-timers and freelancers

You may need to hire more manpower for some of your projects. Teamdeck allows you to manage your in-house employees, remote team members and freelancers in one app.

Measure time spent on DIFFERENT assignments

Software houses track time for internal purposes and for their clients. Use teamdeck’s desktop time tracking app to automatically fill in your projects’ timesheets.

Report to the board and client

Create meaningful reports with just a few clicks. They will help you to summarize the project and visualize the progress for your team and your client.

Create accurate estimates based on previous projects

Knowing how much time your team’s spent on a past project may be helpful with future estimations, while the same may be used for calculating budgets.

Without teamdeck, we’ve been wasting $11,130 in employees’ time monthly. Teamdeck helped us to reduce this waste to $1,249.50, which saves us $9,880.50 a month.

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