Where does the time go? Do your team members use their working hours effectively? Using an employee tracking app, you can track all the activities of your employees, get detailed reports and measure the overall performance of your team. In addition, the tracking app provides effective communication.

The Role of Employee Tracking

While employee tracking and monitoring are not new terms, they are becoming more and more popular. Statistics show that more than 78% of businesses implement different tools and methods to monitor the staff. There is a strong relationship between workplace surveillance and business success. Stanford University has carried out research among 16.000 workers and found that performance increased by 16%. These numbers tell much about the importance of monitoring tools to track employee activity and efficient workflow.

Some Studies and Facts About Employee Monitoring 

Why Do Entrepreneurs Use An Employee Tracking Software? 

Using this type of software, you can keep track of the working time invested in each task and the entire project as a whole. This makes the monitoring of working time as transparent, accurate, and objective as possible.

One thing that’s necessary for employee monitoring is doing it without violating employee privacy. Some employees find ethical concerns when it comes to monitoring. Let’s see that new solutions do NOT violate the privacy of your employees. Studies show employee tracking is a key to productivity. Besides providing efficient use of one’s time, they solve a lot of complex issues in the workplace, including:

It is proven that even 20 minutes of interruption can reduce productivity, bring stress, and cause more errors. Another study indicates that 89% of employees waste time at work every day. If we take these total numbers, it will cost much for your company.

Reasons that companies use monitoring are behind its strong influence on the business, in terms of time, money, quality work, effective project management, etc.. You can also get insights into your activities, such as which tasks take up most of your staff’s time, allowing you to plan project budgets accordingly.

Managing employees is not something easy. Why complicate it more when you can just use a monitoring tool? Try an employee tracking app that helps you uncover the causes of poor performance. By gathering valuable insights with one of these tools, you can reach out to every team member with data, not guesswork.

By getting better data on employee work habits, you can improve your business processes and give them realistic goals. By tracking and managing employees companies hit their goals twice faster as those that don’t regularly track their employees.

Discuss habits with your employees and improve their overall performance levels. When you keep track of all the activities of your employees during working hours, you can make them more productive. With more accurate data, you can cut costs and reduce overstaffing. You can improve the overall performance of your team and stay within your budget.

Tracking App Features

Some of the main employee monitoring features are:

How Will Your Business Benefit From Using Tracking Apps?

Tracking can be a problem if you try to do it manually. Luckily, with a monitoring app, your remote team can log their hours and provide proof of work at the same time.

Most companies need to keep track of their team’s working time. Monitoring software makes this easy. Let’s deep-dive into some other key benefits for your business:

There are crucial steps to uncover. Each employee is unique. Discovering their behavior in different projects and situations will give you an overall idea of whom you can count on. Some positive abilities you can uncover include reliability, problem-solving skills, teamwork, deadline orientation, detail-oriented skills, dedication, and more. All these are crucial assets for company success.

Review your business execution, and you will see that things vary from the past. What can you do to make some desired improvements? To keep informed and flexible for rapid changes and growth. Monitoring helps to address problems on time and provide the best possible solutions.

Employee monitoring allows you to observe the user behavior and check out the activities and make sure that employees don’t use suspicious links or activities which can put private or sensitive data at risk. Of course, there is no 100% foolproof way to detect a hacker attack, though it increases the chances.

Effective monitoring will help you to keep tuned for updates, give continuous feedback on the implementation of the tasks, evaluate the success, and employee behavior, and help in further decision-making. Here your monitoring goals should include tracking, reviewing, communicating, and reporting on the performance. If done strategically, you will be able to achieve better results and manage any task on time and within budget.

Considering tracking productivity metrics can impact employees’ further success in the company. Hence, when taking control over your workforce, they feel more productive to meet the project deadlines and have a better concentration on the work quality.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new trend to businesses. While the remote workforce is not something new, for most industries it was a new experience. 57% of employees that work 100% remotely now claim that they rarely or never worked remotely before. 

Pandemic has brought new tools and techniques for effective monitoring. Due to these tools companies manage to keep employees better opportunities for work-life balance. Hence, monitoring helps to boost remote employees’ productivity by about 27%, have better concentration, meet deadlines on time, and more. This is a quite new opportunity to better personal and professional lives.

Sharing ideas over projects, and sharing opinions helps to boost relationships and engagement. It is proven that engaged employees are more productive and promise better benefits to any business.

From harassment policies to protect important data, and avoiding cyberattacks: proper monitoring will ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and more. However, it is not just for cutting down on employees’ mistakes, but also to develop a strong strategy for workplace problems.

Part of a successful business is to understand your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. This is critical when you assign tasks. Finding out more about their skills will help to bound the job to your workers’ abilities and get better results.

The best ways to keep track of work for your business

To get the most out of monitoring your work, don’t forget to:

Why do employers control employees?

Manual control is almost impossible and wastes time. With a performance management system managing a team can be easier than you might imagine. They can be effectively used to facilitate daily tasks in every area of work: from marketing agencies to IT support services. So you can try monitoring apps and reap the benefits:

When you use a personnel monitoring system on all computers in your company, this means that you are striving to create a single organization in which everyone is evaluated objectively and equally. Efficient employees will receive bonuses and promotions, while idlers will be reprimanded. This creates an atmosphere of fairness and transparency. It will be much easier for managers and leaders to focus on the main tasks and get rid of the routine.

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