Teamdeck for Slack - tutorial
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Teamdeck for Slack – user tutorial

Do you want to get Slack updates concerning your team’s work and availability? You can do that by connecting Teamdeck with Slack using our built-in integration. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to connect these...

tracking project profitability
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Track Project Profitability with Teamdeck

Keeping track of projects’ profitability is essential for agencies, software companies, or consultancies of any kind. When you work with multiple clients on delivering multiple projects, you simply have to make sure that your efforts generate profits. ...


Evaluate Team Performance with Teamdeck

Whether you're a project manager or a CEO of a company, you're most likely want to know how your team's doing. As a leader of the team, you're responsible for setting direction and expressing expectations, so, naturally,...

Teamdeck for new hires

Guide to Teamdeck for your new hires

Onboarding new employees? Make sure that they quickly get a grasp of the software your team uses. Since Teamdeck is used daily by most of our clients’ employees, it’s important they understand the structure of the tool...