We believe that happy teams are more productive.

This is why Teamdeck has been designed to support three major aspects of employee happiness:

Step one: visualize the actual workload of your team. Who’s overworked and whose talents are wasted on menial tasks? Next, you move things around.

With Teamdeck, not only can you create a balanced schedule, but also assign people to the tasks that play to their strengths. Now, that’s how a happy team is able to produce their best work.

Between companies that resort to micromanagement or try to navigate through some communication chaos, you can find well-oiled teams that benefit from workplace transparency.

Teamdeck keeps everyone on the same page: team members know what is expected from them assignment-wise and managers see how the work is progressing.

People who give their all at work, need some quality time to re-energize and follow their passion projects. Managing people’s time off is tricky if you don’t have a real-time availability schedule.

Teamdeck takes these awkward “Are you working today?” calls off your plate: you always know who is available and when.

Features that will make your team happier:

Balanced schedule

A calendar with everyone’s current workload is the necessary step to creating an optimal workload.

No scheduling conflicts

Assigning more work than someone’s capacity is communicated by Teamdeck.

Clear expectations

Every team member sees their working schedule coordinated with their availability.

Smooth communication

New assignments or time off requests are handled within the app.