Teamdeck vs Resource Guru

See how Teamdeck gives you more control over the whole resource management process, from team scheduling, through time tracking, to absence management. Read below about Resource Guru and Teamdeck comparison.

Teamdeck resource scheduling software become to small family of the resource guru alternatives

Looking for Resource Guru alternatives?

Teamdeck could be the answer to your needs.

Both Resource Guru and Teamdeck are focused on resource management. This is why teams choose these tools over apps that have a more general approach to managing internal processes.

Teamdeck and Resource Guru differ when it comes to features offered and the pricing, but monthly subscription plans are available for both tools. See details below.

Top resource guru alternatives has to take into account features and pricing comparisons

3 reasons why companies love Teamdeck – the complete resource management solution

Complete resource management solution

With features spanning from resource scheduling to time tracking and leave management, Teamdeck provides teams with more control over their internal processes. With Teamdeck you can not only plan your team’s work but also measure the effects and, as a result, optimize your scheduling efforts in the future.

Fast and effective onboarding

Feel like Teamdeck is the tool for your team? Complete a quick product tour, personalize your team’s settings, and import your data. No need to waste time on prepping the app: you’ll start getting value from day 1.

World-class support

We can’t stress that enough: our #1 priority is for you to benefit from Teamdeck as much as possible. That’s why we offer personalized product demos, onboarding calls for your team, and priority support whenever you need it.

Circus Maximus, BAMM, Stormind Games, Hill-Knowlton Strategies have selected as their project resource management software