Teamdeck vs Monday

Teamdeck has been specifically designed to help you manage resources and plan their schedule. It’s a laser-focused tool used by small agencies and large organizations alike.

Looking for Monday alternatives?


We regularly talk to people who are evaluating different software options for resource scheduling. Their choice very often boils down to one question: are you more comfortable with a highly specialized tool to tackle this task or would you rather use a more all-around app?

Teamdeck is all about resource management. It combines employee scheduling, time tracking, and absence management features. On top of that, you get access to a comprehensive analytics section which allows you to analyze your team’s productivity, monitor timesheets and generate client reports. is a visual collaboration tool with plenty of room for customization. You can use it for a variety of purposes: from project management to sales and business development. Granted, it comes with a steeper price tag.

3 reasons why companies love Teamdeck

In-depth resource management

We know that effective resource management can make your business more profitable. That’s why we’re offering features that help you achieve optimal productivity while maintaining team happiness. Teamdeck allows you to dig deeper into your team’s daily work and optimize different areas of your team workflow.

Ready to use out of the box

No need to spend time building workflows and dashboards: our app comes with everything you need in order to plan your team’s work and measure their performance. Create an account and invite your team members. Teamdeck will make a difference for your team from day 1.

World-class support

We want you to get as much value from Teamdeck as possible. We’ll walk you through the product and organize an onboarding call for your team. Need help with anything else? We offer priority support whenever you need it.