Teamdeck vs Float

See how Teamdeck gives you more control over the whole resource management process, from team scheduling, through time tracking, to leave management.

Looking for Float alternatives?


Teamdeck could be the answer to your needs.

Both Float and Teamdeck are focused on capacity planning. The focus on resource management is why teams choose these tools over apps that have a more general approach to managing internal processes.

Teamdeck and Float differ when it comes to the scope of the features offered and the pricing. Both tools offer subscriptions in a SaaS model. See details below.

$6 per person
per month
$3.99 per person
per month
$10 per person
per month
Resource scheduling and leave management
Capacity reporting
Unlimited projects
Fast & easy time tracking
Compare estimates vs actuals
Mobile App
Teamdeck allows you to customize calendar and create views to better organize your data.
In Teamdeck you can create custom reports with excel-like formulas or use our predefined templates.


3 reasons why companies choose Teamdeck

Data Import


Data migration is a no-brainer. Our import wizard allows you to import data from other systems about people, projects, bookings, timesheetes, and vacations using CSV files.

Advanced custom reporting


Teamdeck allows you to create custom reports crafted to your company’s needs by using excel-like formulas. You can also use our predefined templates to get the information about Team Utilization, Budgets burnou, Payroll, and many more.

Custom fields and tagging system


Custom attributes to people and projects combined with custom tags assigned to bookings, timesheets and projects allow you to build a unique and flexible resource management process for your company.