Project Budget Report Template

project budget report template

Project budget report is a helpful tool for PMs and finance specialists alike.

The aim of this template is to track projects’ costs and profits in real time.

Bookings vs Timesheets

Estimates vs. Actuals

This chart compares the planned hours with the actual tracked time of each team member. It’s a good starting point in project management budget tracking: such a visualization allows you to see the workload trends in your team.

Project budgets

This table is half-filled with data recorded in Teamdeck, namely your team’s timesheets.
Before we can calculate the project budget progress, however, you need to enter a couple of details yourself.
See, some columns in Teamdeck report tables (called custom values columns) work like spreadsheet cells, so you can simply type in the data. Once your hourly rates and overall budgets are in the table, Teamdeck will calculate the costs and profits of your projects.

They will be updated in real-time, as the timesheets change, so make sure to monitor this section regularly.

Project Budget

Project budget report, like all templates in Teamdeck, is entirely customizable. You can track the budget of just one project or decide to enter your values in different currencies.
See an example of a project management budget tracking report here.