Monthly Utilization Report Template

Utilization report template

Team utilization report is a simple way to visualize your team workload in a specific period of time. 

Teamdeck’s team utilization report template consists of three sections:

Team members' overtime


A bar chart visualizing your team members’ overtime. It is calculated based on your team’s availability, bookings and timesheets. The most overworked employees are listed at the top of the chart.

Team utilization table

Here’s a deep dive into your team’s workload data. You can see a break down of each team member’s planned and actual hours, their utilization (availability vs planned work) and their overtime.

Team utilization report

Workload timeline

Workload timeline

This timeline comes in handy in these tricky circumstances when you need to analyze when and how plans got derailed. The chart illustrates the cumulative quantity of planned and actual hours, so you can pinpoint the exact moment when the recorded worked time exceeded the estimates.

Every report template in Teamdeck can be customized. This means that you can not only change labels and formulas in the existing elements, but also add new tables or charts, whatever you find useful.
See an example of a monthly utilization report here.