Two years ago, we built Teamdeck to help project managers allocate and control their resources within multiple projects. Since then, the tool has grown reaching 600 active users from 170 companies.

Today, Teamdeck is a complete resource management solution designed for project managers and executives from agencies and software houses. It offers resource scheduling, timesheets and time-tracking, as well as, leave management.

We’re constantly striving to improve our tool, and listen carefully to our users. It’s their feedback that shaped many Teamdeck’s features, including our latest redesigned reports.

Now, we want to introduce features that we want to improve or build from scratch in the nearest future.

Improved calendar view

Currently, we’ve been working on improving calendar view, which combines timesheets, schedule and availability, all in one place. This is to unify Teamdeck’s core features and make them more accessible for managers and owners. These changes will make allocating, managing and planning resources much easier.

combined calendar view

New ways of managing calendar

One of the changes, is a possibility to choose how detailed the view is, ranging from a day, through weeks, to months. Depending on which view a user will choose, they will see different information about time, availability and projects. It will also be easier to add repetitive events within a given time frame.

monthly calendar view

An example of monthly view in the calendar

To track product development stages in Teamdeck, we want to implement milestones in calendar view. Managers and owners will be able to add them to projects they run, so it will easier for them to track the progress against their plans and important events.

Currently in a schedule, managers can view people and projects they are booked in. We want to add a possibility to do that in reverse, so managers could sort through projects and see who is booked within them. This will make it easier for managers to have a very clear project-focused overview of the timeline and the roles involved.

Managing relevant resources and projects

Since Teamdeck allows to add up to hundreds of employees within an organization, we want to make it easier for managers and owners to find relevant resources or projects they run.

For that reason, we want to make filtering mode detailed. It will be possible, e.g., to search for resources based on the number of hours they are available in within a given timeframe. Managers will also be able to sort users on the calendar based on people with biggest availability or based on projects with the closest due date.

Finally, we want to add a possibility to drag and drop and duplicate entries as well as, to undo changes. There will also be notifications about changes in the view, so all users may refresh the site and see the updated version right away.

adjust bookings and undo changes

Updated Time Tracker

Teamdeck’s Time Tracker is a desktop app which allows users to easily track their time by choosing a project they work in and hitting the play or stop button. Then, time entries are automatically translated into timesheets, which makes tracking time more precise and easier at the same time.

As we want to simplify the process, we want to add a web Time Tracker, too, so users wouldn’t have to download it, if they don’t want to. It will also be possible to integrate it with project management tools like Jira, so the users may track the time they spent working on tickets there and have their timesheets populated in Teamdeck at the same time.


teamdeck time tracker

This update will be especially helpful to regular users, as it will make time tracking even easier for them.

Refreshed, customizable Dashboard

To improve Dashboard, we want to make it more customizable. Managers, owners and regular users will be able to choose what kind of information, and in what order, they will see once they log in to Teamdeck.

For example, users will be allowed to choose an order of elements being displayed in their Dashboard or to add a highlight from given reports, so they can see what’s most important for them right away.

User profile

We want to simplify managing user settings by implementing a user profile, where all their data will be available, and where both managers and users will be able to change settings related to their roles.

teamdeck user profile

Exemplary user profile

User profile will, for example, make it possible for managers to see whether the employee is active in Teamdeck or not, or to resend an activation email to new users added to organization.

Public API

Adding a public API is high on our to-do list. Providing it will allow our existing and potential users to integrate tools of their choice with Teamdeck.

This update will be especially important for managers and owners, who want to integrate Teamdeck with other tools they use.

New integrations

We also want to integrate with other tools ourselves, including: Jira, Slack and Asana, just to name a few. One of the examples we’ve mentioned before will be a possibility to use Time Tracker and Jira, so it would be easier for employees to track the time of a given task.


For owners, who would like to recreate their organizations’ official processes in Teamdeck, we are going to implement Workflows.

This feature will allow a more custom approach to defining access levels for certain roles within the app. This way people responsible for given actions will have more control over their responsibilities and people they manage.

For example, if within an organization, a certain person has to approve holidays, they will be notified about it and would have to take action, i.e., approve or dismiss the holiday, before it will eventually be accepted and appear as active or inactive in an employee’s schedule.

Teamdeck’s roadmap at a glance

As you can see, we have a lot on our plate, but we’re pretty excited about it. To sum things up, we want to:

Improving existing features and adding new ones will make Teamdeck even better suited to our users’ needs. As these are ambitious plans, we will work hard to make Teamdeck even more valuable tool to our users.

Haven’t tried Teamdeck yet? Use a 14-days free trial to see if it’s what you’ve been looking for.

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